Bitcoin: Two Parts Math, One Part Biology

The three sublayers of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is composed of 3 fundamental building blocks:

The 3 sublayers of Bitcoin base protocol

Two Parts Math, One Part Biology

From the exploration in the series, we have also learned that under the hood:

  • Public-key cryptography is also based on math
  • Incentive scheme is based on human behavior

Final Words

I would like to close out the series by saying that in no way does this constitute a complete understanding of Bitcoin. But I hope it will serve as a good starting point for someone who is new to Bitcoin. Some of the content in this series are my own personal opinions. The reader would do well to do his or her own research and form their own opinions. “Don’t trust, verify” works equally well in Bitcoin and in learning.


Special thanks to Nic Carter, Steve Lee, Jimmy Song, Hasu, Murad Mahmudov and Dan Held for their extremely valuable feedback in the writing of this series.



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